The End of the American Dream?

This is not the end of the American Dream, it is a reality check. The American Dream was originally a concept of being able to live the best life within our means, striving for success without getting in the way of our neighbors, and doing all we could to support and strengthen our country.

This noble aspiration gave way to getting as much as we could as fast as we could. Grabbing our first, second and third piece of the pie before our neighbor got his. We can’t just keep up with the Joneses we have to match the Hiltons. To accomplish this dream we have divided our families, our neighborhoods and our country. Society has deluded us to believe everyone deserves everything; career, family, time for ourselves, vacations, homes, 2.5 cars and a fabulous wardrobe. Our children are not allowed to be ordinary, average is a dirty word. A majority are coddled, indulged and told they are special from birth, brought up to believe they deserve the best immediately with no consequences or responsibilities. The jobs that support the backbone of our nation namely manufacturing, trades, retail, farming, military, parent have all been spurned by eating a constant diet of money, power, fame and material things. Anyone looking for a more traditional, sustainable, simple way of life (unless of course they are doing to jump on the current environmental bandwagon) is shamed, criticized, and unrealistic.

With the current recession many people are looking to save money, reduce expenses, and learn to be frugal but only, it seems, to weather this storm. I can only hope I am wrong but on the heels of saving is a message from our government, retail stores, economists and media to spend, spend, spend.

What do you do if you don’t subscribe to this way of life? This blog is an attempt to answer that question.


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