Links to get us started

Important links to help you live a quality life.


Here are a few links to get us started-

Let me know of any other great sites that are not here.– Local author in NY state, food storage and preparation, community living, she has several good books with a wealth of information., contests, coupon codes items, bartering, reselling of used goods!– budgeting, frugality, home based business– gardening, sustainability, homesteading, organics a wealth of information. – warning some articles are political. Please don’t focus on these if you don’t agree with them.  This still has a lot of information about homesteading and living an independent life.– similar to motherearth and backwoods- more country living etc.– support your local crafts, arts etc– tips on “living a better life when times get tough or even if they don’t”– WARNING- not for the faint of heart, but some really interesting information about survival techniques. CAN ALSO BE POLITICAL– frugality, budgeting etc -finding volunteer activities in your area weight, gaining strength, healthy living

www.– farms, local foods, farmer’s markets

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