My Summer Action Plan

1. Banish fast food, minimize processed food, and support local food.

2. Lose weight, gain muscle.

3. Find some charities I would like to donate to on a regular basis.

4. Keep up on current events, economics, and politics.

5. Gardening and food storage.  Six months worth of food and water.

6. Learn to sew and finish one sewing project by fall

7. Be kind to others. Spend time with family.

8. Banish tv as a regular activity.

9. Learn a new skill besides sewing.

10. Make an emergency preparedness kit and action plan. (Laugh now but remember the flooding in Tennessee, the oil spill and the almost bombing of Times Square. These things just happened in the last 2 weeks!)


One thought on “My Summer Action Plan

  1. how is your list going. I know #7 is kind of hard where we work. New skill what about Candle making it will kind of help with #10. At least that is my hobby. And if you get good at #6 let me know i have been trying to teach myself with no luck.

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