Laundry Day!

An update from Sunday: The bread turned out terrific! Two nice loaves of Mom’s Italian! I am going to try and bake more bread now that I  can make two kinds, Challah and Italian. It is really very simple but you need to make time to do it.

Challah Bread

I did find some good things at the farmer’s market. But was not impressed with the yogurt. I like  greek-style thicker yogurt and this was too watery for me. My next home experiment will be to try and make my own yogurt.

Today is laundry day, sunny and windy so it is the perfect day to wash and hang everything outside. Since April began, I have only used the dryer 2 times. My goal this summer is to hang as much laundry as possible. Some people may think it is ugly, an eyesore or time consuming. I say it is better for your wallet because you are using less electricity and your clothes don’t shrink, fade or lose elastic. Of course it is better for the environment for the same reasons. It is win-win.

For all of you that live somewhere where you can’t hang clothes outside, at least try to hang them inside see how it goes.

I find it very frustrating that while all these people are talking about recycling and changing out lightbulbs in our country there are places that have regulations in their communities and developments outlawing the clothesline.

This guy has the bottom line on drying!


2 thoughts on “Laundry Day!

  1. i would agree, my grandmother in long island hung her clothes outside and i grew up in an apartment and my mother aways hung our clothes up, she never used a dryer. And if my mom can do it in a small aprtment i think anyone can find room to do it. I never really thought about it, not sure where i can put in. I cant hang it in the back yard because my husband cut all trees for his football field and the side of my house will be my garden as soon as i can save the money i need for it. Plus im still working on tiem mangement, im already running around crazy with an 17 month old and a 3yr old husky. Its alot easier to throw clothes in a dryer and get to it in 2 days when i have time to fold. Or my fav when my husband tells me the night before that he has no more clean underwear. I do hang some of my clothes on a rack in the basement. but most do go in the dryer. You should come over and show us how to be more green. 😉

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