My Garden

Year 2 – no tomatoes due to blight last year—– but we do have:

I had peas and lettuce in spring and I am planning on cabbage, brussels sprouts, swiss chard and peas in the fall.

All in Four 4×6 raised beds. Since we are only 2 people we have had more than enough food and definitely some to store.


A simple cabbage slaw

The Slaw

1 medium red cabbage fresh and shredded (one from your garden is best)

3 tablespoons apple cider vinegar

1-2 tablespoons olive oil

Salt and pepper to taste

-Everyday Food had something similar but I changed it to add more olive oil.

Don’t ask me how many calories because it will depend on the oil used.

Femivore? Really?!?

Why is that women who are educated and decide to stay home with their children constantly feel the need to rationalize their decision?

When did homemaking, raising children and taking care of your family and husband become a “movement”? Haven’t women been doing these things since well….FOREVER!

Really people this femivore thing is about the dumbest name for a group of women I have ever heard. And why is it a dilemma to be doing what is right by you and your family? Using your education to be the best woman, wife and mother you can be is a noble thing. There is nothing wrong with it and there should be no guilt involved.

In fact, women who can stay home, take care of family and be self-sustaining are some of the smartest women out there. They have found a way to do what they love, take care of their family and be a productive member of society without sacrificing themselves working in a job that slowly kills them.  Isn’t this what everyone wants….to do what they love and be self-sustaining?

You can read the article that prompted this post yourself and tell me what you think.