A small egg

This morning I had 2 eggs from my neighbor’s chickens. They were fantastic. I picked an extra-large one and a very small one.  As I was cooking my small egg I started wondering what happens to the small eggs?  You see in the grocery store you can buy medium, large and extra-large.  I’ve never seen small eggs at least not where I shop and definitely NOT at Walmart, Target or your large chains.  So what happens to them? Are they thrown away? Are the chickens fed something crazy to get them to lay large eggs most of the time?

Ever since I watched Food Inc I have been very aware of my food and where it comes from. This is just another example of big farms pumping out food on demand for us. It is not their fault they are farming to our demands. We get large eggs because they are easier to bake with, heaven forbid we have to figure out how many small eggs equal one large one. We would never be able to figure out how much more flour to add since most people bake from a box mix.  Can you picture an egg mcmuffin with a small egg? I don’t think so.

I would like to challenge anyone reading this blog to think a little more about where your food comes from. If you can’t watch Food Inc because you are squeamish then get a book about the subject and read up. I will look into some that can be found at your local library and post them later on this week.


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