Return of the blog.

After the frustration of not being able to use my hand, I’m trying to use Dragon naturally speaking to continue to post on my blog.  It is slow going though because this program is still learning how I speak. I was supposed to go to the doctor today but the appointment has been rescheduled. I’m still up in the air about what I will need to do in order to fix my arm.

I have done a few things though in order  to store food over the last few months. We picked the apples from out tree and dehydrated and bunch of them. I also dehydrated the small cherry tomatoes.  Seth and I also made sauce,  we didn’t can it but we did put some in the freezer. I dried some herbs and I’m currently drying my sunflowers.

I’m hoping this weekend that I can get to my sewing. The puppy has ripped some holes in my sweatshirts so I need to fix those down Seth wants me to hem his sweatpants. I think I may be able to do it because I am not working on the computer but if my arm starts to hurt I will have to stop.

As far as the finances go, I am not going to be carrying my credit cards instead I have set a budget for the next two months in cash. My goal is to payoff my student loan soon as possible. It is a small balance and I should be a will to take care of it in about six to eight months. I don’t know what’s going to happen when I go to the doctor on Wednesday so I went and purchased necessities for the next few months soap, toothbrushes, cleaning supplies, cereal etc. etc. I’m trying to keep my food budget for the next two months to about $400. I think I can I think I can definitely do this as long as I bring lunch to work.

I’m searching online to find resources to buy food in bulk so I can start storing and saving money on food. I’m hoping I can get some family members to go in with me on and maybe we can have a family co-op type thing. I am also hoping I can start to program my game and get it going now that I have the dragons speaking program. However I am going have to teach it how I speak since I have that central New York accent everybody loves.