Maple Valley Farms

In my blog hunt today I found a great blog on homesteading and living off the grid

This blog has a lot of useful information and you can even visit them and stay on the farm to get an idea of living off grid. I think everyone should at least try to live for a little while without modern conveniences so they can get an idea of what they might need if disaster strikes. You don’t have to live in a house or cabin without electricity just go camping this is the easiest way to understand life without convenience.

They have a giveaway for the Tattler canning lids that are about the coolest things in canning I’ve seen. They seem easy to use and are re-useable.  I need to put these on my Christmas list for this year or start an fund to buy some.

I’ve starting reading this blog from the beginning and I can only imagine how much work this family does to live a simple life. It makes me feel more thankful for what I have and more conscious about the time I waste.


update on the tv fast

I have been doing well with the tv fast.  I haven’t watch television during the day except for some news so I could get more information about the weather. I was able to finish almost all of the laundry so now I am caught up. I also cleaned up the kitchen and baked some granola bars.  Unfortunately they didn’t come out exactly the way I thought they would  they are more like oatmeal cookies but they are still tasty. Does anybody have a good granola bar recipe that uses honey?

I was planning on doing much more yesterday but the power went out for the entire day. Today,  I am snowed in (just when I thought I was going to see some grass)  so maybe I will be able to do more.

I have to confess I am spending time today reading blogs and finding new ones to inspire me. This is much more fun than TV and I usually learn something.

Today my goals are to make chicken soup, finish putting away the laundry, shovel, and keep the kitchen in good working order.



The TV Fast

There’ve been a couple of things that have been obstacles in the path of me, learning new skills and finding quality of life at this point.  The first is the injury I have my arm which has slowed my ability to learn knitting sewing another handiwork skills.  I’m hoping that I will start to heal and that this will not be such an issue.  The second thing is, the television.  I like watching TV and it’s what I do with my husband in the evening to relax .  But I shouldn’t be watching it during the day, because it eats away my time like nothing else.  So for the next week I’m going to experiment and I will not be watching television until 8pm each night.   I seem to be getting over my bronchitis, and I’m feeling a little bit better.  The lounging on the couch is slowing down and I think I’ll be able to find other activities to fill my time without issue.

My first task will be to finish the laundry and put everything way.  I’ve already started that today.

Second, I am going to clean up the kitchen and bake some healthy snacks for myself this weekend. Including homemade granola bars and maybe some muffins. I am also going to make lunch for next week.

Third, I am going to finally get on the sewing machine.

I think this TV fast is going to work, so far I have done two loads of laundry,  a load of dishes in the dishwasher, figured out what to eat for dinner, and cleaned out my e-mail in box.  And I have swept the living room floor.

Wish me luck.