Maple Valley Farms

In my blog hunt today I found a great blog on homesteading and living off the grid

This blog has a lot of useful information and you can even visit them and stay on the farm to get an idea of living off grid. I think everyone should at least try to live for a little while without modern conveniences so they can get an idea of what they might need if disaster strikes. You don’t have to live in a house or cabin without electricity just go camping this is the easiest way to understand life without convenience.

They have a giveaway for the Tattler canning lids that are about the coolest things in canning I’ve seen. They seem easy to use and are re-useable.  I need to put these on my Christmas list for this year or start an fund to buy some.

I’ve starting reading this blog from the beginning and I can only imagine how much work this family does to live a simple life. It makes me feel more thankful for what I have and more conscious about the time I waste.


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