Baby E is 3 weeks old and she is 9lb 4oz and 21 inches long. She is eating about every 2 hours during the day and sleeping 6 hours a night! (WHOOHOO!!)  She is a very content baby most of the time unless she is hungry, wet or cold she does not cry. Today she smiled a real smile and she has been trying to pick up her head since day 1. She also tries to “crawl” up the DH.

My digestive issues that I had before getting pregnant are GONE. I am still taking the vitamins that I need so I am sure that is helping. I am extremely hungry and have to eat every 2 hours which is probably a good thing. However, I do need to focus on a whole foods diet. Right now it is tough because my mom and mil have been doing the cooking and I am still recovering from the c-section so I am not the one shopping. Not being able to do much is extremely difficult for me I don’t like seeing people clean my house, organize etc without helping and right now I can’t do any bending or lifting.

DH is a great Dad already and he is really thoughtful to me also. I am hoping he will be able to slow down a bit once he finishes the last detail projects that he wants done on the house so he can enjoy more time with Baby E.

Hopefully I will be able to post more using dragon still cramps my style in the blogging dept.