7 weeks old

Baby E on Halloween

Baby E is approximately 7 weeks old. She is big I’m not sure how much she weights but she is 24 inches long now in 3 month clothes and has pretty much grown out of her infant seat. We are taking it out of the pack in play tomorrow. We are reading books everyday, she smiles alot and “talks”. She holds her head up with great skill and is starting to build her muscles to sit up. She likes looking at her toys and is starting to grab a little bit.

I have finished my thank you notes and I am finally feeling human again. I have no idea where to start.

I have to put away the baby stuff, I have to put away and organize our clothes, I have to keep the house clean and that is just the beginning.  I have so many sewing projects and receipes to try but I have to get the other things done first. I also want to finish baby Es crossstich.  Fortunately she is sleeping through the night but that means she is awake most of the day so I don’t have time to do much but keep things clean, wash diapers, and cook dinner. I am hoping we will get in a better routine once she gets bigger and then maybe I can start on the projects I want to do.

I also have a mountain of paperwork to do since I don’t have a job anymore and need to look for new jobs/figure out what I am going to do.  This of course is not something I am excited about. Trying to find a job when you can’t type/mouse with your right hand for more than a few minutes is virtually impossible so we will see how that goes.  If anyone has any suggestions please let me know!


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