3 years

Today is my anniversary! Three years of marriage already I feel like we just got married yesterday.  There have been many changes in these three years we got a new dog, we renovated our house (although there is still more we need to do), we planted some fruit trees, we have different jobs, and of course we have a new baby!

We aren’t doing much today except the DH is going to make me his famous linguine and clams! We will enjoy each others company and have a great dinner which is the best gift he could give me.

Baby E giggled  for the first time yesterday for both me and the DH! We also took her to vote yesterday and she liked it. She loves going new places and is very curious about everything. She loves it when we sing to her and knows when we are talking to her.

I have decided to participate in Moon Lit Hill’s     47 bags and 47 days challenge. I don’t know that I have 1 bag full of stuff to get rid of everyday since I did a purge before the baby came but I do have a lot of clutter and I am going to at least get rid of 1 thing everyday that I don’t need. It can be trashed, donated or sold.  I will be posting progress on Mondays but so far I have 1 bag of clothes to donate that is ready to go!



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