47 bags challenge update

I am on my way.  I went through my cupboard and got rid of a bag of food and in the process updated my pantry log so I know what I have. I got rid of all my excess cardboard in another bag so that is already 2 bags done.  With the clothes I donated I am up to three bags last week so that I pretty good. 44 Bags to go!

I also organized the baby clothes and put away all the newborn clothes that don’t fit the baby.  This doesn’t count as getting rid of anything but they will be put away for the next kid and out of the nursery so that is still helpful.

DH and I also started cleaning out the garage and putting away all the tools and got rid of a bag of garbage so actually I am down to 43 bags!

It is not easy since lately the baby does not want to be put down at all lately but I will keep at it. I feels good to get rid of things I don’t need!


One thought on “47 bags challenge update

  1. great job! I know ho wit is with a clingy baby, mine has been the same lately. My bags are all piled up in my hallway, so not actually OUT of the house yet – but getting there!

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