Baby updates 2 months

Baby E is 10 lbs 10 ozs and 22 1/2 inches long at her 2 month visit! She is tracking and her vision gets better everyday! She is smiling, cooing and almost laughing you can see it in her face that she wants to laugh but hasn’t learned how yet.  She is still sleeping at night and is awake and hungry all day but that gives us more time to read and play together. The dogs love her and protect her no signs of jealously.

We are having a little meet the baby shower for her on Sunday and then Baby and I are going to my parents for most of the Thanksgiving week so she can spend time with her Aunts and Uncles and her cousin! I am very excited!


On another note I won Moonlit hill’s giveaway! I am quite thankful because I have been wanting to read Radical Homemakers for a long time and it is always out at the library.  I hesitate to buy a lot of books only because I usually read books one time and then remember what I read so it is difficult for me to enjoy them again and again.   I am very curious about The Rhythm of Family as well I know Baby E is still small but time flies and it is nice to start thinking about fun things to do together when she gets older.

Fun times are on the way! Baby E already loves to read I can’t wait to see what she likes next!


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