No new bags

I haven’t gotten rid of anything else but even if I don’t I am already way ahead of the game for me. I am actually wearing all of my clothes which hasn’t happened in years! My closet is still pretty full but I am able to see everything now. How wonderful!

In other news Baby E moved in to her own room last night and slept very soundly in her crib.  I found her this morning diagonal near the bars so she did some moving and grooving last night. Much more space than her little bassinet.

I am almost done with all of my Christmas shopping. Thank you Amazon! We celebrate Christmas with my family since they are Catholic but we obviously don’t have a tree here. Next year we will celebrate Hanukkah in a big way because Baby E will be old enough to understand. This year she is too young to be getting 8 presents and lighting candles.

I have been reading Radical Homemakers and I am almost to the second section. So far it is quite interesting!

My back is killing me!  It is difficult to nurse when you are short and all the chairs in the house are sized to your husband who is 6’4″. I can’t wait until I get my nursing stool I am hoping this will help me.