9 months already

E is 9 months (actually 9 and a half)  already she says a few words like mama, dada, dog and hi and bye. She loves people and is just about THE most extroverted baby I know. I am amazed that she is talking already and understanding words that we say. Her dad is not at all surprised since he talked at 9 months too. Hopefully she grows up to be as smart as he is.

She loves attention and will go to anyone even complete strangers. She calls out to people when we are shopping when they don’t pay attention to her! I think G-D made her this way so that I would be forced to break out of my shell. I am more than happy to be by myself and am a pretty introverted person but baby E is just the opposite like her dad’s side of the family. I find this fascinating and also as I was joking about with my siblings today, an introverted parent’s worst nightmare! We can’t go anywhere without me having to make small talk with someone and just when I think we are going to make it out of the store without a word she flashes that big smile and starts flirting with the cashier.

I love that she is so happy and outgoing. I only hope that I can keep up with her as she gets older! I am actually hoping to go to a library program in the fall with her so that she can see more kids and people. I know she will enjoy it. It is free and I will get some needed adult interaction. Lately DH has to remind me to stop chattering at him about inane topics when he is home. I believe I am driving him nuts. The worst part is I don’t even know when I am doing it.

At this point my wrist/arm appears to be a little better. Not to the point of everyday computer usage but a little better. Although today at lunch my cup of half and half slipped right out of my hand so maybe it’s just wishful thinking….