A skirt and a new start

I have forgotten about this blog for a long time. We have had so much going on since I last wrote.

I am still at home with E and she is almost 2 years old.  I am determined to learn to sew so I can make her clothes and maybe some for me if I get good enough. She is very skinny so finding things that fit right is already hard to do.

We are busy busy and she is a very smart girl so I can’t leave her alone for too long.  But I wanted to post my first almost real sewing project. I used a couple of tutorials that are around the web were you sew 1/2 yard of fabric into a tube and then put in elastic on top and a basic hem on the bottom.  This was my first successful hem it is pretty even for the first try. I did the hem before I inserted the elastic and it was MUCH easier. I bought this fabric last year on sale and thought it was perfect for a skirt or dress. I have enough to make a dress but I am not quite ready for that yet.

This sewing project was the first hem and the first time I ever got my finger caught in a machine. I have to make sure I sew a little slower!

100_0845I can’t wait to make a few more skirts but I have adjust the waistband on this one first. For some reason I measured her 2 inches bigger than she is and skirt is about to fall off otherwise it is a pretty good fit and I have 2 inches of hem so I can always drop it if she grows too fast!