A skirt and a new start

I have forgotten about this blog for a long time. We have had so much going on since I last wrote.

I am still at home with E and she is almost 2 years old.  I am determined to learn to sew so I can make her clothes and maybe some for me if I get good enough. She is very skinny so finding things that fit right is already hard to do.

We are busy busy and she is a very smart girl so I can’t leave her alone for too long.  But I wanted to post my first almost real sewing project. I used a couple of tutorials that are around the web were you sew 1/2 yard of fabric into a tube and then put in elastic on top and a basic hem on the bottom.  This was my first successful hem it is pretty even for the first try. I did the hem before I inserted the elastic and it was MUCH easier. I bought this fabric last year on sale and thought it was perfect for a skirt or dress. I have enough to make a dress but I am not quite ready for that yet.

This sewing project was the first hem and the first time I ever got my finger caught in a machine. I have to make sure I sew a little slower!

100_0845I can’t wait to make a few more skirts but I have adjust the waistband on this one first. For some reason I measured her 2 inches bigger than she is and skirt is about to fall off otherwise it is a pretty good fit and I have 2 inches of hem so I can always drop it if she grows too fast!


No new bags

I haven’t gotten rid of anything else but even if I don’t I am already way ahead of the game for me. I am actually wearing all of my clothes which hasn’t happened in years! My closet is still pretty full but I am able to see everything now. How wonderful!

In other news Baby E moved in to her own room last night and slept very soundly in her crib.  I found her this morning diagonal near the bars so she did some moving and grooving last night. Much more space than her little bassinet.

I am almost done with all of my Christmas shopping. Thank you Amazon! We celebrate Christmas with my family since they are Catholic but we obviously don’t have a tree here. Next year we will celebrate Hanukkah in a big way because Baby E will be old enough to understand. This year she is too young to be getting 8 presents and lighting candles.

I have been reading Radical Homemakers and I am almost to the second section. So far it is quite interesting!

My back is killing me!  It is difficult to nurse when you are short and all the chairs in the house are sized to your husband who is 6’4″. I can’t wait until I get my nursing stool I am hoping this will help me.


28 bags to go

I know I missed last Monday’s post but I was busy due to the holiday week.  Before I left to visit my parents I went through all the clothes and my large linen closet. I am almost finished putting away all of my clothes, baby’s and Seth’s.  I was able to get rid of 2 bags of garbage, 10 bags of clothes/curtains to donate and made 3 bags of rags. I am very happy to say the least.  The next job will be to go through the books and papers I have and get rid of more things. It makes life so much easier without a lot of extra stuff! I am finally realizing this and I think it will help with the quality of my life immensely.

In other news, we roasted a turkey last night and plan to make turkey pot pie and turkey soup from the leftovers! I can’t wait for turkey pot pie my dh is going to make it with me for the first time 🙂


Baby E is 3 weeks old and she is 9lb 4oz and 21 inches long. She is eating about every 2 hours during the day and sleeping 6 hours a night! (WHOOHOO!!)  She is a very content baby most of the time unless she is hungry, wet or cold she does not cry. Today she smiled a real smile and she has been trying to pick up her head since day 1. She also tries to “crawl” up the DH.

My digestive issues that I had before getting pregnant are GONE. I am still taking the vitamins that I need so I am sure that is helping. I am extremely hungry and have to eat every 2 hours which is probably a good thing. However, I do need to focus on a whole foods diet. Right now it is tough because my mom and mil have been doing the cooking and I am still recovering from the c-section so I am not the one shopping. Not being able to do much is extremely difficult for me I don’t like seeing people clean my house, organize etc without helping and right now I can’t do any bending or lifting.

DH is a great Dad already and he is really thoughtful to me also. I am hoping he will be able to slow down a bit once he finishes the last detail projects that he wants done on the house so he can enjoy more time with Baby E.

Hopefully I will be able to post more using dragon still cramps my style in the blogging dept.


Strawberry Jam

I have just spent 2 days making jam with my mom. It has been great fun although a little tiring and hot. We made your basic strawberry jam (without a lot of sugar) and strawberry lemon marmalade from a recipe from the Ball Canning book. I wanted to make strawberry rhubarb pie filling and can that also but apparently you need a special starch to do it safely which we did not have. We did make strawberry rhubarb pie though and it is delicious.

I need to work a list of things to accomplish this week. I have so much to do and don’t really know where to start. I still have to keep the kitchen cleaning and house cleaning on my list everyday to remind myself that this needs to get done first. It is not my favorite thing but I feel so much better when it is all clean.
I am hoping I can sew more bibs for the baby and burp cloths. I need to make a list of the things I still need for the nursery.
The next few weeks are going to be busy with the DH doing extra work and 4th of July vacationing I want to try and get some projects finished so they are not waiting for me when I get back from our long weekend.

The garden is finally all planted so that is a big relief. I am not sure how everything is going to do but we have had a good mix of rain and sun so hopefully the plants will thrive.

Maple Valley Farms

In my blog hunt today I found a great blog on homesteading and living off the grid http://eclecticculturefarm.blogspot.com/.

This blog has a lot of useful information and you can even visit them and stay on the farm to get an idea of living off grid. I think everyone should at least try to live for a little while without modern conveniences so they can get an idea of what they might need if disaster strikes. You don’t have to live in a house or cabin without electricity just go camping this is the easiest way to understand life without convenience.

They have a giveaway for the Tattler canning lids that are about the coolest things in canning I’ve seen. They seem easy to use and are re-useable.  I need to put these on my Christmas list for this year or start an fund to buy some.

I’ve starting reading this blog from the beginning and I can only imagine how much work this family does to live a simple life. It makes me feel more thankful for what I have and more conscious about the time I waste.

The TV Fast

There’ve been a couple of things that have been obstacles in the path of me, learning new skills and finding quality of life at this point.  The first is the injury I have my arm which has slowed my ability to learn knitting sewing another handiwork skills.  I’m hoping that I will start to heal and that this will not be such an issue.  The second thing is, the television.  I like watching TV and it’s what I do with my husband in the evening to relax .  But I shouldn’t be watching it during the day, because it eats away my time like nothing else.  So for the next week I’m going to experiment and I will not be watching television until 8pm each night.   I seem to be getting over my bronchitis, and I’m feeling a little bit better.  The lounging on the couch is slowing down and I think I’ll be able to find other activities to fill my time without issue.

My first task will be to finish the laundry and put everything way.  I’ve already started that today.

Second, I am going to clean up the kitchen and bake some healthy snacks for myself this weekend. Including homemade granola bars and maybe some muffins. I am also going to make lunch for next week.

Third, I am going to finally get on the sewing machine.

I think this TV fast is going to work, so far I have done two loads of laundry,  a load of dishes in the dishwasher, figured out what to eat for dinner, and cleaned out my e-mail in box.  And I have swept the living room floor.

Wish me luck.