A skirt and a new start

I have forgotten about this blog for a long time. We have had so much going on since I last wrote.

I am still at home with E and she is almost 2 years old.  I am determined to learn to sew so I can make her clothes and maybe some for me if I get good enough. She is very skinny so finding things that fit right is already hard to do.

We are busy busy and she is a very smart girl so I can’t leave her alone for too long.  But I wanted to post my first almost real sewing project. I used a couple of tutorials that are around the web were you sew 1/2 yard of fabric into a tube and then put in elastic on top and a basic hem on the bottom.  This was my first successful hem it is pretty even for the first try. I did the hem before I inserted the elastic and it was MUCH easier. I bought this fabric last year on sale and thought it was perfect for a skirt or dress. I have enough to make a dress but I am not quite ready for that yet.

This sewing project was the first hem and the first time I ever got my finger caught in a machine. I have to make sure I sew a little slower!

100_0845I can’t wait to make a few more skirts but I have adjust the waistband on this one first. For some reason I measured her 2 inches bigger than she is and skirt is about to fall off otherwise it is a pretty good fit and I have 2 inches of hem so I can always drop it if she grows too fast!


9 months already

E is 9 months (actually 9 and a half)  already she says a few words like mama, dada, dog and hi and bye. She loves people and is just about THE most extroverted baby I know. I am amazed that she is talking already and understanding words that we say. Her dad is not at all surprised since he talked at 9 months too. Hopefully she grows up to be as smart as he is.

She loves attention and will go to anyone even complete strangers. She calls out to people when we are shopping when they don’t pay attention to her! I think G-D made her this way so that I would be forced to break out of my shell. I am more than happy to be by myself and am a pretty introverted person but baby E is just the opposite like her dad’s side of the family. I find this fascinating and also as I was joking about with my siblings today, an introverted parent’s worst nightmare! We can’t go anywhere without me having to make small talk with someone and just when I think we are going to make it out of the store without a word she flashes that big smile and starts flirting with the cashier.

I love that she is so happy and outgoing. I only hope that I can keep up with her as she gets older! I am actually hoping to go to a library program in the fall with her so that she can see more kids and people. I know she will enjoy it. It is free and I will get some needed adult interaction. Lately DH has to remind me to stop chattering at him about inane topics when he is home. I believe I am driving him nuts. The worst part is I don’t even know when I am doing it.

At this point my wrist/arm appears to be a little better. Not to the point of everyday computer usage but a little better. Although today at lunch my cup of half and half slipped right out of my hand so maybe it’s just wishful thinking….


No new bags

I haven’t gotten rid of anything else but even if I don’t I am already way ahead of the game for me. I am actually wearing all of my clothes which hasn’t happened in years! My closet is still pretty full but I am able to see everything now. How wonderful!

In other news Baby E moved in to her own room last night and slept very soundly in her crib.  I found her this morning diagonal near the bars so she did some moving and grooving last night. Much more space than her little bassinet.

I am almost done with all of my Christmas shopping. Thank you Amazon! We celebrate Christmas with my family since they are Catholic but we obviously don’t have a tree here. Next year we will celebrate Hanukkah in a big way because Baby E will be old enough to understand. This year she is too young to be getting 8 presents and lighting candles.

I have been reading Radical Homemakers and I am almost to the second section. So far it is quite interesting!

My back is killing me!  It is difficult to nurse when you are short and all the chairs in the house are sized to your husband who is 6’4″. I can’t wait until I get my nursing stool I am hoping this will help me.


28 bags to go

I know I missed last Monday’s post but I was busy due to the holiday week.  Before I left to visit my parents I went through all the clothes and my large linen closet. I am almost finished putting away all of my clothes, baby’s and Seth’s.  I was able to get rid of 2 bags of garbage, 10 bags of clothes/curtains to donate and made 3 bags of rags. I am very happy to say the least.  The next job will be to go through the books and papers I have and get rid of more things. It makes life so much easier without a lot of extra stuff! I am finally realizing this and I think it will help with the quality of my life immensely.

In other news, we roasted a turkey last night and plan to make turkey pot pie and turkey soup from the leftovers! I can’t wait for turkey pot pie my dh is going to make it with me for the first time 🙂

Baby updates 2 months

Baby E is 10 lbs 10 ozs and 22 1/2 inches long at her 2 month visit! She is tracking and her vision gets better everyday! She is smiling, cooing and almost laughing you can see it in her face that she wants to laugh but hasn’t learned how yet.  She is still sleeping at night and is awake and hungry all day but that gives us more time to read and play together. The dogs love her and protect her no signs of jealously.

We are having a little meet the baby shower for her on Sunday and then Baby and I are going to my parents for most of the Thanksgiving week so she can spend time with her Aunts and Uncles and her cousin! I am very excited!


On another note I won Moonlit hill’s giveaway! I am quite thankful because I have been wanting to read Radical Homemakers for a long time and it is always out at the library.  I hesitate to buy a lot of books only because I usually read books one time and then remember what I read so it is difficult for me to enjoy them again and again.   I am very curious about The Rhythm of Family as well I know Baby E is still small but time flies and it is nice to start thinking about fun things to do together when she gets older.

Fun times are on the way! Baby E already loves to read I can’t wait to see what she likes next!

47 bags challenge update

I am on my way.  I went through my cupboard and got rid of a bag of food and in the process updated my pantry log so I know what I have. I got rid of all my excess cardboard in another bag so that is already 2 bags done.  With the clothes I donated I am up to three bags last week so that I pretty good. 44 Bags to go!

I also organized the baby clothes and put away all the newborn clothes that don’t fit the baby.  This doesn’t count as getting rid of anything but they will be put away for the next kid and out of the nursery so that is still helpful.

DH and I also started cleaning out the garage and putting away all the tools and got rid of a bag of garbage so actually I am down to 43 bags!

It is not easy since lately the baby does not want to be put down at all lately but I will keep at it. I feels good to get rid of things I don’t need!

3 years

Today is my anniversary! Three years of marriage already I feel like we just got married yesterday.  There have been many changes in these three years we got a new dog, we renovated our house (although there is still more we need to do), we planted some fruit trees, we have different jobs, and of course we have a new baby!

We aren’t doing much today except the DH is going to make me his famous linguine and clams! We will enjoy each others company and have a great dinner which is the best gift he could give me.

Baby E giggled  for the first time yesterday for both me and the DH! We also took her to vote yesterday and she liked it. She loves going new places and is very curious about everything. She loves it when we sing to her and knows when we are talking to her.

I have decided to participate in Moon Lit Hill’s     47 bags and 47 days challenge. I don’t know that I have 1 bag full of stuff to get rid of everyday since I did a purge before the baby came but I do have a lot of clutter and I am going to at least get rid of 1 thing everyday that I don’t need. It can be trashed, donated or sold.  I will be posting progress on Mondays but so far I have 1 bag of clothes to donate that is ready to go!